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North Carolina Civil Litigation Blog

Whitley Law Firm Accepting Sudden Unintended Acceleration Cases

The Whitley Law Firm is currently investigating cases involving sudden unintended acceleration (SUA), which refers to a sudden, unexpected, and unintended acceleration of a vehicle – it can be a ...
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Whitley Law Firm is Investigating Claims Involving Insulin Pumps

Many patients suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes have turned to insulin pumps to increase their chances of a complication-free life. Diabetic patients yearn to achieve good diabetes management, ...
Continue reading "Whitley Law Firm is Investigating Claims Involving Insulin Pumps" »

Whitley Law Firm Now Accepting Power Morcellator Cases

If you have been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing fibroid removal by means of a laparoscopic power morcellation procedure, we urge you to contact a North Carolina defective product attorney. ...
Continue reading "Whitley Law Firm Now Accepting Power Morcellator Cases" »

What Is an Intentional Tort Case?

In a standard personal injury claim, you are dealing with a negligence case, a case where someone accidentally but carelessly inflicted injuries. As you could probably guess, an intentional tort is ...
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Woman Sues for Legal Malpractice over Misfiled Wrongful Death Claim

In Texas, a woman is asking for $2 million from a law firm for allegedly marketing themselves falsely, and committing basic errors that got her case dismissed. The woman originally hired the law ...
Continue reading "Woman Sues for Legal Malpractice over Misfiled Wrongful Death Claim" »

Seat Belt Usage at a High in North Carolina

An annual report has shown that seat belt usage in North Carolina is at an all-time high. Announced in August, 90.6% of all drivers and passengers in the state are reportedly wearing seat belts while ...
Continue reading "Seat Belt Usage at a High in North Carolina" »

North Carolina Named Dangerous for Pedestrians

North Carolina is one of the worst states to be a pedestrian. With an average of 2.02 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people, the country ranks the sixth most dangerous in the United States based on ...
Continue reading "North Carolina Named Dangerous for Pedestrians" »

Surveillance Footage in Personal Injury Claims

With cameras in public and private places, it is likely that the incident leading to your personal injury claim was caught on camera. For lawsuits where high amounts of money are on the line, this ...
Continue reading "Surveillance Footage in Personal Injury Claims" »

McGraw Settles with Slapped Country Fan

In July, country singer Tim McGraw was involved in a scenario where he slapped a woman at his concert in Atlanta. McGraw was caught on video swatting at a fan after she had grabbed his legs and ripped ...
Continue reading "McGraw Settles with Slapped Country Fan" »

Medicare & Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured and have filed a personal injury claim while also receiving Medicare, you are required by law to repay Medicare for payments made for treatment of the injury out of your ...
Continue reading "Medicare & Personal Injury Claims" »

Things to Consider Before Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone replacement therapy is intended for those with decreased testosterone production. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining red blood cells, bone growth, muscle bulk, and general ...
Continue reading "Things to Consider Before Testosterone Replacement Therapy" »

Victim in Crash Ineligible for Worker's Compensation

In a recent court decision from the North Carolina Court of Appeals, two state workers that sustained injuries were deemed ineligible to receive workers compensation. In 2010, two technical support ...
Continue reading "Victim in Crash Ineligible for Worker's Compensation" »

North Carolina Texting & Driving Laws

According to recent reports by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, texting-and-driving causes 3,000 deaths and over 250,000 injuries in the United States per year. Forbes puts the number of adults ...
Continue reading "North Carolina Texting & Driving Laws" »

Tips to Ensure Pedestrian Safety

As a pedestrian, safely navigating the streets where you live can be a challenge. Not only are drivers on the road constantly distracted, but they may also drive while under the influence or fail to ...
Continue reading "Tips to Ensure Pedestrian Safety" »

MADD Cracks Down on Drunk Drivers

State leaders in North Carolina are pushing for more serious controls for those convicted of drunk driving in the state. A suggested proposal would make it so that ignition interlocks would be ...
Continue reading "MADD Cracks Down on Drunk Drivers" »

Wilmington Joins "Watch for Me NC" Campaign

New Hanover County in North Carolina ranks in the state's top ten places for pedestrian and bicycle accidents. In a four year span, New Hanover County reported 419 pedestrian accidents. Law ...
Continue reading "Wilmington Joins "Watch for Me NC" Campaign" »

Two-Vehicle Car Accident in Benson

An August 6 th car accident on 1-95 near Benson has left one person dead and one person injured. The accident occurred at around two in the afternoon. As a result, the southbound lanes of I-95 were ...
Continue reading "Two-Vehicle Car Accident in Benson" »

Getting Compensated for a Bus Accident

Relied on by millions of people for their commute every day, about 70 bus passengers are injured in the more than 30 accidents that take place daily across the United States. When two cars collide, ...
Continue reading "Getting Compensated for a Bus Accident" »

How to Make Sure You Collect Your Workers' Comp Benefits

Just as with any insurance company, an insurer for workers' comp is not going to be thrilled to promptly pay out full claims. The insurance company hires people to find ways to reduce claims. To ...
Continue reading "How to Make Sure You Collect Your Workers' Comp Benefits" »

Can I Sue a City for My Injuries?

Negligence Lawsuits Against Governments It is possible to sue a municipality for an accident in some cases. In all such cases, you can expect a very difficult process. Let's say that a police ...
Continue reading "Can I Sue a City for My Injuries?" »

Compensation for Pain and Suffering After a Minor Crash

It does not take a massive collision to inflict trauma and severe pain. Even a so-called minor accident could leave you reeling, but in the eyes of an insurer, will your pain and suffering claim ...
Continue reading "Compensation for Pain and Suffering After a Minor Crash" »

Defective Products: Who Is to Blame for a "Failure to Warn"?

If a product warning could have prevented an injury you sustained, you might have a case against the product's maker, distributor, or retailer. Read on to learn when either a company's ...
Continue reading "Defective Products: Who Is to Blame for a "Failure to Warn"?" »

Whitley Law Firm Wins Appeal Against Negligent Officer

In a case involving a car accident caused by a police officer during a pursuit, Attorney Ann Ochsner of Whitley Law Firm argued successfully for the Court of Appeals to overturn the summary judgment ...
Continue reading "Whitley Law Firm Wins Appeal Against Negligent Officer" »

Whitley Law Firm Accepting Benicar Lawsuit Cases

If you or a loved one have been prescribed Benicar and experienced sprue-like enteropathy, you may be eligible to file a claim. You need to schedule a free consultation with the personal injury ...
Continue reading "Whitley Law Firm Accepting Benicar Lawsuit Cases" »

What Is an Attractive Nuisance Case in North Carolina?

When a Property Owner Is Liable for a Trespasser Suffering Injuries While in most premises liability cases, a property owner cannot be faulted if a trespasser is injured on the property, the case ...
Continue reading "What Is an Attractive Nuisance Case in North Carolina?" »