Patient Gets $250,000 in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A week-long medical malpractice trial in Sebring ended with a jury awarding a doctor's former patient $250,000 in damages.  The victim, Galen Martin, accused Dr. Jose R. Thomas-Richards and Lakeview Occupational and Industrial clinic of negligence in a bicep surgery gone wrong in March 2003.

According to court records, Martin injured his left bicep tendon in 2003 while lifting a bucket of oil at work.  During the correctional surgery, Thomas-Richards reportedly reattached the tendon at the wrong location.  Martin claims that Thomas-Richards attempted to hide the results of the failed surgery after realizing the mistake he had made during the first surgery.

The plaintiff went to the University of Florida Medical Center for a second opinion and was told by doctors of the mistake.  Following the successful second surgery and additional rehabilitation, Martin was left with "permanent pain and permanent loss of sensation and partial use and function of his upper left extremity."

Awarded by the jury to Martin was $17,600 for past medical expenses and lost earnings.  The remaining $232,400 was given to Martin to cover the resulting bodily injury, resulting pain, suffering, mental anguish and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life.

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