Click It or Ticket Campaign Stronger Than Ever

This past weekend, as many more cars than usual are traveling the roads, state troopers and local law enforcement are cracking down on any individual that is not wearing a seat belt.

While the local authorities' main concern is the safety of the residents of North Carolina, we advise you to take extra precautions while driving this holiday. Troopers and other officers on the road were noted to be in double coverage this past weekend, ensuring that this Thanksgiving is the safest one yet.

The Click It or Ticket campaign was introduced by the North Carolina Transportation Secretary with hopes of saving lives and reducing injury in auto accidents.

Last year, in 2010, 425 motorists who failed to wear their seat belt were killed in accidents on North Carolina roads, according to the governor's Highway Safety Program.

Reports note that troopers will be in marked and unmarked vehicles to ensure that all drivers in North Carolina are wearing their seat belts, no matter where they are sitting in a vehicle.

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