Beware: An Increase in Traffic Could Lead to an Increase in Collisions

Several reports of outraged and/ or nervous citizens of Southeastern North Carolina have arisen as of late indicating that traffic in the area is on the increase. Particularly, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. traffic has been described as "horrendous" and often "dangerous" by some of Southport's residents that are made most susceptible to traffic jams in the area. Of particular risk are the reportedly unconventional methods being used by some frustrated drivers looking to avoid traffic at all costs. Included in the attempts made by some desperate drivers to skirt the traffic are bypassing other cars on the road in an unlawful manner, making illegal lane changes and turns, as well as racing through red lights. Any and all of these risky behaviors could easily lead to an accident; in fact, many of them have.

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