Cause Determined in Fatal 2011 Plane Crash

The cause of a plane crash that took place a year ago from January in South Carolina has been determined, according to a federal investigation conducted regarding the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that the accident was caused due to the disorientation of the pilot. The flight was en route from Massachusetts to South Carolina at the time of the collision. The investigators also concluded that there were no problems with the plane or the engine during the flight. Just before the collision took place, reports show that the pilot had radioed to the airport tower that he was "a little bit out of whack" and that he was "trying to straighten it out," according to sources. The report showed that the plane had actually turned a full 150 degrees to the right before radar was entirely lost and the aviation accident occurred. When the plane crashed, it hit a tree, pickup truck, and a travel trailer in the RV park in North Myrtle Beach. The pilot was killed and another bystander of the ground was fatally injured as well. This accident marked the second death of a bystander of the ground due to an aviation accident.

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