Couple Killed in Car Wreck on Friday

On Friday afternoon, April 6, 2012 a couple was killed in a multi-vehicle pileup that involved a blue Dodge Ram, a gray Nissan Altima, a white box truck, and a maroon Saturn minivan that was towing a trailer carrying an ATV. Driver D. Keese (aged 60) and her husband, J. Keese (aged 62) were hit and killed shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon by the driver of the box truck. The driver of the truck, S. Scott, was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for injuries before being released later that evening. He has since been arrested and charged with following too closely. Scott is also facing two counts of second-degree vehicular homicide. As of now, neither speed nor alcohol appear to be involved in the causal factors of the collision.

According to reports concerning the incident, the Saturn, Nissan, and Ram were all aligned on the right-hand lane of the highway, effectively sitting still as traffic merged onto the I-985. Upon being hit from behind by the box truck, the Nissan was flung forward and pushed directly into the pickup truck ahead of it – a fate that sent the truck spinning into the center median. At almost the same time, the Nissan was pushed into the minivan. Both passengers, as well as the driver of the pickup truck, were taken to the hospital and released later on that evening.

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