Granville Wreck Ends in Fatality for One Victim

A brutal car accident that occurred on Monday, April 2, 2012 ended fatally for one victim involved, according to reports that have been issued by North Carolina state police. On Tuesday, law enforcement officials confirmed that the driver of a two-car accident on Monday evening died from injuries sustained in the crash that took place at the Y intersection of U.S. 158 Bypass and 158 Business. The victim of the accident was 85-year-old Oxford resident R.L. Latta.

As it stands, details of the accident are still pending as investigative troopers continue to pursue the details of the incident. What has been confirmed in regards to the tragic event that took place on Monday evening is that one vehicle involved was a maroon sedan and the other was a green Ford pickup truck. While the driver of the sedan was killed, the passenger was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries sustained during the accident. It has further been reported that it took approximately 30 minutes to free the driver of the sedan from the vehicle, a testament to just how serious the accident was.

Until official reports are released that specify the cause of the fatality crash, the accident will remain under speculation. Any number of incidents could have ultimately led to the crash, including negligence, reckless driving, intoxication, or even a product malfunction. Whatever the details of the case end up being, there can be no argument t that a skilled Raleigh personal injury attorney should be involved in the matter as soon as possible.

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