Mother Sues University of Virginia for Wrongful Death of Daughter

A $29 million lawsuit has been filed against the University of Virginia, as well as the school's lacrosse team coaches and the state as a whole. The case was brought against these entities by the mother of a university student, Y. Love, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend and lacrosse teammate, G. Huguely. Specifically, the case focuses on the underlying issue of Huguely's unpredictable behavior, which has been described as abusive towards women and alcohol. The true claim reportedly lies in the fact that both coaches and administrators admittedly knew of the male student's erratic behavior, yet did nothing to stop or prevent it.

As further stated in the details of the case, the mother's lawsuit alleges that the school's athletics department was insufficient in its discipline of Huguely, who was never suspended from class or removed from the team for his unacceptable behavior. Instead of referring the troubled young man to a treatment facility or counseling center for his substance abuse and aggressive behavioral management problems, he was left alone – unreported and undisciplined. Now, the countdown is on to see whether or not Love's mother will be successful in the claims she has brought against several of these different entities. In order to win her case, Love's mother will need to prove that the school's athletics department had a legal responsibility to ensure that its athletes were safe, and clearly her daughter was not.

In addition, Ms. Love will also need to prove that Huguely would have been unable – perhaps even unwilling – to murder her daughter if the proper actions had been taken to alleviate his personal issues prior to the tragic incident. Ms. Love's wrongful death suit against Huguely himself will likely be met with much success, but the claims she has brought against the state and the school will be somewhat more difficult to prove and, hence, win. However, that is not to say that the task is impossible. With the right legal professional by her side, Ms. Love may be met with success in every legal avenue that she has pursued.

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