Oklahoma Proves that Workers' Comp Bills Are Ever Changing

In Oklahoma City, a bill was recently denied which would have allowed employers to opt out of workers' compensation in the state. However, when the bill was put to a vote, it failed to gain approval, narrowly escaping passage by a 50-42 vote. When brought before the state House for a vote, House Bill 2155 failed to win the support it needed to pass in the state of Oklahoma, despite having previously been approved by Oklahoma's Senate.

If passed, the bill would have allowed qualified employers to offer an alternative workers' compensation insurance plan, so long as the benefits offered to employees were similar, if not better, than the state's original plan. Much like the opt-out plan offered in Texas, the plan would allow for employers to leave behind the traditional method of workers' compensation provided to their employees. As with most legislative pieces, this too has been met with both support and opposition, with supporters touting the belief that it would give employers more flexibility and cost control and opponents worrying that it would provide insufficient benefits to injured workers.

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