North Carolinian College Freshman Dies in Motorcycle Accident

This past Monday morning, a freshman at North Carolina A&T State University passed away from injuries he had sustained in a motorcycle accident. The Thursday before, he was riding at around 50 miles per hour when he collided with another vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign. The crash flung the motorcyclist nearly 100 feet out into the street. He sustained many broken bones and was taken to an area hospital, where a few days later he would be pronounced dead. He had just graduated from high school this May.

Motorcycle accidents are all the more serious for the person on the cycle than they are for any car driver involved. And what makes these accidents too common is that drivers of other vehicles are sometimes unaware of an oncoming motorcyclist. Car drivers might make blind turns, or be too distracted to notice a rider ahead of them. Any crash will affect both motorists disproportionately. Car drivers have metal frames and windshields between them and any impact.

There is nothing to guard the motorcyclist from ramming into two tons of metal and skidding and slamming against the pavement. Even with a helmet on, traumatic brain injuries can be inflicted. The spinal cord can be damaged, and the rider can sustain multiple fractures. Sliding along the asphalt can cause serious injuries from road rash. Too often, these accidents lead to fatalities.

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